My name is Mandy Reider and I'm a professional musician based out of Edmonton, AB. I work primarily as a bandleader, vocalist, rhythm guitar player and keyboardist. Though I love singing lead vocals in my own projects, my biggest passion is for vocal harmonies, so I also do a lot of freelance work for other artists. I love performing live, but also find that my skill set and interests lend themselves quite well to studio work.


I graduated from the Grant MacEwan Music program in 2005 and have been working steadily as a full-time musician since then. I have two of my own bands, the first of which is the 70s/80s pop/rock cover band The Oddibles. With The Oddibles, I sing the majority of the lead vocals and play keyboards and rhythm guitar. We perform regularly at casinos and bars, as well as many weddings and corporate parties. What makes The Oddibles unique is that all four of us share the lead vocals. This has allowed us to be versatile with our song selection and helps us to be accessible to most crowds and situations.

The second group is "The Mandy Reider Band." Unlike The Oddibles, The Mandy Reider Band is primarily a country band with a setlist that combines classic country with current hits. We also play bars and casinos, and try to select songs that showcase our collective love of harmonies.

I also work regularly as a solo artist, primarily in senior's residences and extended care facilities and also perform as part of an acoustic duo with Paul van Ramshorst. Paul and I split all lead vocal duties and love to perform a high energy show in pubs and restaurants.


I've been fortunate to work as a backing vocalist/rhythm guitarist and keyboardist for several country music artists over the years, including Tiffany Dowhan, Amber Haydey, Erin Haley, Renee Malo, Mychela, Melody Lovejoy, Livy Jeanne, Karac Hendriks, Krysta Scoggins, Mandy McMillan, Elyse Saunders, Jessie Tylre Williams,  Andrea Nixon and Danielle Lowe, as well as with Elvis Tribute Artist, Robin Kelly. I greatly enjoy backing up other artists and work hard to enhance the show as best I can by learning my parts as carefully and accurately as possible.

I've also worked regularly as a keyboardist and backing vocalist for Mercy Funk, Vegas Wives and Carling Undercover, as well as the 2018 Project Wild winner, The Prairie States.


Being a full-time musician in Edmonton has brought immense joy to my life. I'm so grateful that I live in a city that has given me the opportunity to stay busy doing exactly what I love to do.
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