We are The Mandy Reider Band. We like to bend rules and write bios in first person! We're four friends and professional musicians from Edmonton who came together to form a country music project in December 2014.  After working together many times over the years as freelance musicians, we started The Mandy Reider band as a way to have fun and to challenge ourselves musically. We choose songs that allow us to sing in three part harmony and to entertain folks that love to dance (as well as those that like to just sit and listen.) Our favorite songs to play are the danceable hits of the 90s and the timeless country classics of the 60s and 70s, though we have no rules or limitations! If you come to see The Mandy Reider Band, you can expect songs from artists such as Trisha Yearwood, Steve Earle, CCR, Miranda Lambert, Johnny Cash, John Mellencamp and so many more. Here's to new challenges and lots of fun in the years to come!




LBs Pub

23 Akins Dr, St Albert, AB T8N 3B3, 8:30pm

Country and Country/Rock. No Minors. No Cover Charge



The Mandy Reider Band has a setlist that focuses mainly on country music, however, for private events, we're happy to mix it up to suit the crowd and situation! Here is a copy of all of the songs we currently have our our disposal and we're always adding more!

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